Thomas Denney

At an annual checkup, my physician recommended to seriously think about some life-body retooling…under the motto “better too late than never”.  The recommendation was Hardy Krüger and his Holistic Training Enterprise…which as I have now come to know…is a formidable one man show.

Hard to imagine what can be accomplished in reasonable time, balanced hard work, sufficient discipline and endurable pain.  I have been training with Hardy in both 1:1 sessions and various group sessions for over a year.  The experience has been excellent.  Through individual consideration, focused training, flexible scheduling, technical competence and a bag full of accessories to extend the range of pain, every session in the past year has been a learning experience and a welcome interruption to a routine and conditioning which badly needed changing.

No two sessions have ever been the same…no boredom. No single area of muscle focus…all of them must work together.  It is what is deep on the inside that counts. This is what Hardy focuses on…and since after each session muscles ache in areas one never imagined could been reached or felt, this is what makes the entire engagement with Hardy a success. The statement “Try it….you’ll like it!” has never ringed truer.

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